Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Squad - Recursion

Today we are considering Marvel's Super Hero, shrunk to miniature size. We've looked at these figures before over in The Clearance Bin, and today we look again. If you've any interest in things awesome, you may want to visit the Bin once more for a closer look at Phoenix and Wolverine as re-imagined by Hasbro.

Yet our discussion is multifaceted. While you peruse our review at The Clearance Bin, be sure to duplicate yourself - as does Madrox, the Multiple Man - so you can stay in The Middle Room and continue to the end of this post.

Our attention was recently drawn to news of comic strips - soon to be collected - based on this same line of toys, which are, of course, based on comics of Marvel characters.

In The Clearance Bin, we've noted before that some two dimensional designs are unsuited for translation to three dimensions. The reverse, sadly, is no less true. The miniaturized figures, each adorable in its own right, loses their charm when flattened. The art leaves us underwhelmed.

It doesn't help that the comic strips are, for the most part, not funny. Okay, we kind of liked this one.

All of this raises an important question, however - one we've yet to see answered: Will there be toys based on these comics?

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