Sunday, October 11, 2009


By our accounting, there are two types of people on this world: those who believe in the existence of Moon Men and those who do not.

We find ourselves wondering which of these groups authorized military action against the moon.

On one hand, it seems obvious that only someone who does not believe in the existence of such beings would dare to strike the moon as we have.  On the other, why else would we have bothered?

The cover story for the attack relates to water, also known as dihydrogen monoxide.  The significance of this compound is obvious: its presence could suggest the possibility that the moon could support life.

But life, as we know, tends to grow angry when provoked.

If indeed there are Moon Men, what can we expect?  Through use of the internet, we have prepared some information which may prove invaluable to our readers.

Apparently, there is evidence that Moon Men may have ventured here in primitive times, as posited in the science fiction classic, Hercules Vs. the Moon Men.  If so, it seems likely these Moon Men may have been involved in the building of the pyramids and Stone Henge.  They may also have utilized some sort of time machine to travel to the future, than returned to inform the Mayans that the Earth was going to end in 2012.

If course, this was merely a trick, so we wouldn't expect their retaliation, which will likely occur within the month.  Be wary of the advice of Moon Men: they are a deceitful lot.

And Commando Cody is no longer around to protect us.

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