Thursday, April 10, 2008

A Greater World

The other day we said that we were concluding our discussion of music. We may have misspoken.

For a while now we have been exploring the world of Nerdcore, and surely it is a genre worthy of limitless attention.

But it is not Nerdcore that we will discuss today. Instead, we turn to true hip hop, a genre we in The Middle Room must admit knowing very little about.

But we know good music when we hear it, as we know the cries of monsters.

It is rare indeed that the two should meet, and when such a convergence occurs, as geeks we must take notice.

With this in mind, we would like to introduce you to the work of Ravage, also known as MeccaGodZilla. He is a musician, an artist, an activist, and a world traveler. He draws inspiration from many sources; among them are comic books and monster movies, two subjects quite close to our hearts. Gaze closely at some of his design work, if you have a chance, and you shall begin to understand his brilliance.

He is one of several artists working to integrate Japanese monster movie sounds and themes with hip hop, a fact which suggests this world is a far greater place than we might previously have expected.

That the results should be so successful is nothing less than awe inspiring.

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