Thursday, May 1, 2008

Economics: A Retrospective

Having just recently considered our own impending economic issues, the subject is fresh on our minds. It is somewhat timely that we should have stumbled across a relevant article, albeit somewhat dated.

It should come as no great shock to anyone to discover that here in The Middle Room we have whiled away many a day wistfully speculating as to the victors in theoretical battles. But such fanciful discussions are the things of youth.

Now we have grown, and should consider grown-up subjects. Such as monetary holdings.

It is pointless to ask, for example, who would win in a fight: Batman or Hank Scorpio? (The answer, of course, is Batman.)

Instead we should be asking, whose corporate holdings are greater? Who has invested better and planned for their future? The answer, of course, is still Batman.

Forbes, apparently, has long been aware of these issues, and provides assistance. It is not merely the existence of this list which has impressed us, but rather the diligence in its compilation. There was research here, and science, too. This was not tossed together quickly, like some half-formed joke.

This was serious work.


Anonymous said...

I really think that's a silly statement.

While Batman's fortune changes from story to story (ranging from a local Gotham rich man to the secret king of the world), Hank Scorpio clearly had enough money to fund an empire that seized control of the US eastern seaboard.

We don't have many details on how deep the occupation went or how long, but that that means funding an army large enough to occupy 1840 miles of the US. He was overthrown but Scorpio's a smart guy, he must have believed that he could have continued funding this long term. That puts his fortune up their at nation levels.

Bruce Wayne's a rich mofo, but c'mon.

Erin Snyder said...

Occupying a nation (or half a nation) requires a great deal of capital, no question. But compared to Batman, Hank Scorpio's running a lemonade stand. Batman hides the entire Justice League operations budget in a line item of Wayne Corp's annual report. The money he embezzles to fund new versions of the Batmobile, Batsubmersibles, and INTERGALACTIC SPACE SHIPS could fund Scorpio's little operation for a century.

But don't take my word for it: read the Forbes article. Wayne Enterprises is ranked #11, while Globex comes in at #13, after Virtucon: I guess conquering the East Coast wasn't a wise business maneuver in the long run.