Friday, July 18, 2008

The Values We Hold

In The Middle Room, the world of superheroes and the world of toys naturally intersect. This should come to no surprise to any who have visited our site before and perused our collection of oddities. Superheroes, we believe, are our society's mythology; action figures and dolls are their rightful idols and statues.

We've never considered this a point worth belaboring; in fact, we assume it a concept our readers will shrug off as obvious. But, sadly, not everyone shares our enlightened perspective.

Apparently, a religious British group is unhappy with a new barbie doll depicting Black Canary.

This we cannot abide. An attack on America's heroes is an attack on America itself. Black Canary is a pillar of morality, a wise and honorable heroine who has placed her life on the line again and again to fight injustice. She is a powerful fighter, a loving wife, and a brave leader. And if she chooses to wear fishnet stockings while leading the Justice League of America - AMERICA - into combat, we feel that is no one's business but her own.

What's more, it is our considered opinion that complaining that Barbie dressing as Black Canary is somehow inappropriate reveals an intrinsic lack of knowledge regarding the toy industry. For instance:
This is a Barbie from a few years back dressed as Electra. If you believe this is an acceptable role model, then perhaps you should read up on her exploits.

Also, we would draw your attention to these other offerings from Mattel:

There are these....


And especially this. Be sure to read the caption on that last one.
Where were these upstanding British moralists when those were released? Eating their fish and chips, no doubt.

Do not believe for a moment that these claims are based on values: were this the case, they'd have gone after other figures instead. This was a vicious attack on America, our superheroes, and their plastic representations. If Britain feels the need to tear down heroes, they're welcome to start with their own. But to those who sling such foul insults, we say this: leave Black Canary alone - she's too good for you.

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Lindsay said...

I know this is way out of date. I just realized that Black Canary is listed at "Black Collection" Barbie. As is, not necessarily suitable for children. (only other Black collection currently available is Hitchcock's The Birds Barbie) so they can quit whining. ;)