Tuesday, August 5, 2008


There are hundreds of superheroes we like to see given a movie of their own. We whittle away the hours sometimes imagining these films. Some, we've waited our lifetimes to see; some have stories so perfectly suited for the big screen, it's a crime they haven't already been made.

And, instead of producing one of these masterpieces, Sony has decided to produce a spin-off following the adventures of Venom.

The move begs several questions. First, will the story even follow Eddie Brock, who seemed to die at the end of Spiderman 3? It almost seems unlikely, as some reports have suggested: Sony may be looking to recast.

Of course, they may merely be thinking of recasting Brock with a different actor. Somehow we doubt this as well: given his rather unambiguous death, we'd be surprised to see them bring the character back as a different actor. The symbiote, on the other hand, could easily have survived to find a new host.

If they use a new character and have him become a new Venom, the question still remains, "Why bother?" Fans of the character - not that many remain - would be irritated at the revision. We know the answer, of course, is as simple as money: studios are traditionally quick to exploit properties, whether or not there is wisdom in such action.

But is the world really interested in a Venom movie?

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