Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The Time Before....

We mentioned, not too long ago, that we intend to watch an episode of Smallville this year. One episode, that is: no more, no less. The reason for our sudden burst of generosity? The episode in question is being written by an excellent writer and features some longstanding DC characters who've yet to be portrayed in live action.

But before we warm too much to the CW, a new project in development has us a bit concerned. If Variety is to be believed, those of you who have always wanted more of Dick Grayson's early years will be overjoyed. Not Robin: Year One, mind you: this appears to be year negative one. Or, if the show is as successful among teens as Smallville, perhaps year negative eight.

Now, we do feel the need to bring up another possibility. It seems to us that we may be misled, that the show's premise may be something of a red herring, and we may instead be treated to Robin's origin, the story of his adoption by Bruce Wayne, and eventual partnership with Batman.

Given our understanding of the CW, we place the odds that this is the case at approximately eight percent.

There is something to the notion that Batman is a better setting than a character; that many of the best Batman stories weren't about Batman at all, but rather about those trying to live in his shadow. A show focusing on his protege could have merit, but there is little evidence anyone at the CW has the foresight to approach this wisely.

If the show does follow a similar model as Robin: Year One (a good read, by the by, for those of you looking for a decent Batman-related book), there could be some hope. Otherwise, it is difficult for us to imagine the CW producing anything of value.

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