Saturday, November 28, 2009


Those in The Middle Room have never seen Twilight, nor have we any intention of doing so.  It should come as little surprise to hear that we have no interest in its sequel, either.  While we consider ourselves open-minded when it comes to one's interpretation of vampire mythos, we draw the line at glitter.  Even if we were willing to watch Twilight, we could not do so - imagine the consequences if we liked it.  Too horrible to imagine.

But we have not gathered to mock New Moon, nor have we come to attack it.  We are here, in fact, to congratulate it.

New Moon had the largest opening day in the history of film, as well as the third largest opening weekend.  And it accomplished this, no less, in the fall, when attendance is supposed to be all but dead.  You can find more on the matter, along with an interview with Joseph Laycock, by clicking here.  Feel free to skip the parts that Joe isn't in.

While the producers are likely celebrating, we hope it's a bitter victory.  The two-hundred million New Moon has so far made is a pittance compared to the money Hollywood has lost over the years.

Not only did New Moon make absurd amounts of money, it did so without the help of its beloved target demographic.  And while the Twilight saga may be less than fine cinema, men have no cause to boast: no matter how idiotic New Moon may be, it seems unlikely it's any worse than this year's previous record holder, a guilty pleasure which needed little help from the fairer sex to make its millions.  Indeed, those of us in Cybertronian houses should not throw stones.

There are two lessons Hollywood should take from New Moon's performance.  The first is that the public's appetite for major movies is not limited to three months in summer and the week before Christmas.  The other is that, contrary to popular belief, half the population is female.

And that half, apparently, was eager to see a genre movie geared towards them.

Imagine how much they might have made if they'd made a GOOD movie for a female audience....

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Shiraz said...

I felt my brain cells deteriorating as I watched New Moon.