Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Playing Games

I recently finished a novel and I've been thinking about it quite a bit. It's sort of a science-fiction/survival story called "The Hunger Games." I'd never heard of it, but apparently it's kind of popular.

Anyway, I was thinking about what a great movie it would make. You know, except for the one glaring flaw that makes the prospect utterly absurd. I refer, of course, to the author's poor choice of a female lead.

I know, I know: what was she thinking? Clearly, she wasn't considering her future prospects. Scripts with female leads just don't get made unless they're love stories or low budget dramedies.

A quick glance at the largest movies of all time should tell you why: when it comes to action movies - particularly genre flicks - the biggest ones of all time have been starring men. There's just no female equivalent to "The Dark Knight." It doesn't happen.

Sure, a skeptic might point out that Hollywood's never really tried, but that just isn't true. What about Catwoman? Or Electra? Or.... Catwoman? Hollywood has tried literally more than once to turn a profit with a genre movie starring a woman, to no avail. It's not misogyny: people just don't like women. That's why no one's ever made a Wonder Woman movie: it just wouldn't sell tickets the way a relatable character like Green Lantern does.

And I really think that's a shame, because while the "Hunger Games" isn't a perfect book, the point of view is extremely cool, and there's something gripping about the story. I even think a lot of the book's weaker points, particularly surrounding the world-building, could be cleaned up in a film.

I'm not saying a hypothetical "Hunger Games" movies would recoup it's budget in its initial theatrical run, mind you, but I really get the sense that, were it handled well, it would eventually turn a profit after a few years on DVD.

But, then what do I know? If there were really people out there willing to pay money to see a movie about women, then Hollywood would have been making movies about them all along. I mean, come on, these people are professionals, not idiots. They know how to make money in this industry.

So, who's excited about Battleship?!!!

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