Thursday, January 8, 2009

6 Month Checkup

The Middle Room, we believe, is intrinsically progressive in nature. Our gaze is locked on the horizon, the future, and it is atypical for us to turn away and reflect on the past. Yet there are, on occasion, events which demand our pause.

The DVD of Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog is such an instance. Those of you who have visited The Middle Room before may recall our initial discussion of Joss Whedon's (iD&Di: .97) musical exploration of the psyche of a supervillain. Regardless whether you agree with our assessment, we challenge anyone to claim it failed to deliver on its promise of portraying a villain through song.

It is another promise made around the same time that has brought us full circle. Rumors were circulated that when Dr. Horrible was sold on DVD, a musical commentary would be included. The cynical among us wondered if perhaps this was ruse, if the commentary would, in fact, be a commentary ABOUT the music, or even musicals in general. Or, perhaps there would be singing only in moderation.

But no. Dr. Horrible contains a commentary track, gloriously produced, that is itself a musical. Not just any musical, mind you, but a musical about the making of Dr. Horrible, itself a musical, whose images play over the songs.

Truly, this is a dizzying affair.

But, if you are able to appreciate the musical nature, "Commentary! The Musical" is a brilliant musical exploration of the psyche of a cast of actors musically exploring the psyche of a supervillain.

The Middle Room is impressed.

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