Friday, January 30, 2009

Toy Review: Darth Vader

Twice a week, like clockwork, a new article or review is posted on The Clearance Bin, and twice a week, also displaying a manner not inaccurately compared to a clockwork mechanism, we in The Middle Room inform you, our reader, that such an event has occurred.

Should we ever stop, we fear, the very fabric of our Universe might unravel, so integrated are these updates to the heartbeat of our reality.

But fear not, for we have remembered our responsibilities. And so, with much fanfare, we announce that a review of the item pictured above has been added to The Clearance Bin. And what might that be? Why, it is a Star Wars Fabriche in the likeness of Darth Vader. Truly, it is a disturbing object; a rejection of redemption for the damned, symbolically represented by a visage of the Sith Lord, so far lost, that his dark repressed intentions are subconsciously revealed in a canvas of pure snow.

This is no mere sculpture, but rather poetry incarnate.

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