Saturday, February 20, 2010

Halfway There

Normally, we leave the discussion of toys to The Clearance Bin, but we decided it was necessary to chime in on a recent development from Hot Toys.  There are numerous distinctions held by the company; they've won many awards, are widely considered the best in the industry, and have yet to produce a single figure we can afford.

It is with mixed emotions that we must report they are now doing Cyberdyne's dirty work.

On the surface, the reverse appears true: they are crafting a Sarah Connor action figure bearing an almost lifelike resemblance to how she appeared in the second film.  But a closer look reveals this for what it is: a metallic skeleton covered by rubber flesh.

One wonders if their artists appreciate the irony.

Of course, Hot Toys' work is only half done.  If they truly want to create realistic action figures, they need to grow human skin....

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