Wednesday, February 24, 2010

This is how the world ends....

Around these parts we have long anticipated that science would somehow prove our undoing, but the form of said proof has long eluded us.  For a time, we theorized that the construction of robotic monstrosities would bring about our downfall, but so far early prototypes have proven less than intimidating.  Nanotechnology likewise held promise but was similarly unable to measure up.  While nuclear proliferation has begun feeling old fashioned, germ warfare remains in its infancy.

A new decade is upon us, and we need a technological horror to mark the times.  It is in such a spirit that we are pleased to announce the apocalypse may yet be on schedule, thanks to the combined efforts of a primordial ooze and cutting edge science courtesy of Japan.
Yes, at long last serious work has begun at teaching slime to learn, to adapt, and to build.  Sure, in a laboratory environment such intelligent slime seems tame.  But now that it has uncovered the basics of logical thought, it is only a matter of time before it grows weary of taking instruction from humanity.  And, now that we've taught it geography, how long before it discovers the cube?

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