Sunday, June 26, 2011

March to a Prelude to a Countdown to Give Us Your Worst. Of Infinite Something.

It is with a degree of shame that The Middle Room confesses to a sort of prejudice when it comes to comic book movies. While we'd like to claim we've seen them all, the truth remains that there remains a class of film we have often avoided.

We refer, of course, to the truly awful; the abysmal.

Yes, as strange as it seems, there are a number of comic book-based films we've never seen or have seen only once, years ago. This seems wrong, somehow, so we have decided to make amends.

By candlelight, we have sworn on the spirits of our parents to devote our lives to warring against criminals. No, wait. That was Batman.

By the light of a 60 watt halogen bulb we purchased at the Home Depot, we have sworn to seek out those comic book films we've previously avoided due to bad reviews and even worse trailers. Further, we've sworn to track down movies we haven't seen since we were children - movies like Supergirl and the last two Superman films.

We will not shy away from the worst. And, to prove our sincerity, we will begin with Barb Wire. After that, whatever we can dredge up: the Schumacher Batman films, the Punisher movies (there have been three, by our count, and we've never even seen one), and so on and so forth. If you have suggestions, we'd love to hear them. We'll try to get to them all, if time and sanity permit.


Cybil Solyn said...

I dare you to live out my first London Christmas in all it's Dickens-like depression, guilt, and gloom. Watch a double header of Barb Wire The Extended Cut, and Super Mario Bros. The Movie. If you do you'll understand why the brits need so much candy and enjoy stunningly high rates of alcohol poisoning.

Cybil Solyn said...

Nils has said that Super Mario Bros. doesn't count as a comic book. But I state that they have comic books.

Erin Snyder said...

By the time I posted this intro piece, I'd already seen Barb Wire (I'll be posting my reaction soon).

As for Super Mario Bros., Nils is right. Having a comic book tie-in does not, in and of itself, qualify something as a comic book movie. A property must either have originated as comic and/or be so established as a comic that its existence in that form rivals or supersedes all other media.

Super Mario Bros. is a video game movie, and I'm not watching through the worst of those. I may be crazy, but I'm not stupid.