Thursday, April 9, 2009

Final Respects

Thirteen months have passed since Gary Gygax shuffled off this mortal coil. All men, we know, are mortal, all hit points transitory. Gygax was a great man, but no one, no matter how great, could have created Dungeons & Dragons alone: it took two. And it is with a heavy heart that must now report the passing of David Arneson, co-creator of Dungeons & Dragons.

These men were pillars of modern geekdom; forgers of dice and rollers, too. They were philosophers, too, for they knew the secrets of the icosahedron, and of the other Platonic solids.

We have called on the church to recognize such men, though our cries have gone unanswered. We bring this up as a reminder, nothing more: there will be time for harsh words later. This is a time for sorrow.

Both creators of Dungeons & Dragons have passed into the realm that Peter Pan once called "an awfully big adventure." If it is truly so, we hope the wandering monsters they meet on the way leave them great troves of treasure, items of immense power, and numerous experience points.

This world, however, is poorer for their absence.

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