Thursday, April 23, 2009

Rise of the Machines

I find it difficult to categorize the following news item. While it exists somewhat beyond the usual scope of The Middle Room's mission statement, it struck me that my readers would probably like to know that the Germans have begun construction of mecha-penguins.

As to their creators' motivation, that remains to be seen. Nevertheless, there can be little doubt that the world is enriched by such fascinating creations, even if their final intent is sinister by design.

Versions exist which operate in the water and in the air. I've yet to see evidence that variants have been crafted which can belly-slide down hills of ice, but such modifications seem simple enough.

Images of flying penguin-bots brings to mind zeppelins patrolling the skies. And yet, can anyone truly look on these creations without admiring the whimsical design?

Of course, if these constructions do have dark intentions, surely no human agent could find it in their heart to combat them. What spy, no matter how cold-hearted, could ever harm a penguin?

Might we then suggest another alternative to keep our world safe?

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