Thursday, April 23, 2009

Future Market 2009, Part II: June

In case you missed our last installment, we are looking ahead to the films of the summer in an attempt - however futile - to set a benchmark for our attendance.

If you have missed our previous post, fear not: there is still time. Merely scroll down a few posts beneath this and you shall find our previous discussion intact, for this is the internet, where nothing is truly lost. If scrolling is too much of a bother, we will make things easier still: behold, a link, to the first part of our series.

But the way back, we fear, is a path you shall need to discover on your own.

At any rate, we have concluded our look at the month of May, and we turn now to June. We ought to mention the dates were found on We really should have mentioned it before, but better late than never.

June 5: Land of the Lost
Estimated Tomatometer: 77%
Minimum Tomatometer: 85%
This is a difficult film to predict. We were ambivalent when we first heard of the project, though Will Ferrell (iD&Di: .53) has surprised us before. The previews we've seen have done little to make up our mind: for every moment of comic brilliance, there is something that fails to inspire confidence. More than with most films, we find ourselves anticipating listening to the critics' response. Had we paid attention when Elf came out, we wouldn't have missed it theatrically. But, in a summer so teeming with films, we need to set high expectations.

June 12: Dead Snow
Estimated Tomatometer: 79%
Minimum Tomatometer: 88%
Comparisons to Shaun of the Dead are inevitable, but we find it hard to believe any other zombie comedy could truly rise to so high a level. While we find ourselves ecstatic about the premise - Nazi zombies are an inspired concept, though we have seen these before. Still, with the level of competition over our time and money, it will need to be great cinema indeed to justify a trip to the theater. Otherwise, we may merely wait for the DVD.

June 19: $9.99
Estimated Tomatometer: 85%
Minimum Tomatometer: 88%
We feel a need to offer some addendums to the above: first, our estimate is based on little. We've seen the fascinating preview for this film, though, and it looks like something that critics might enjoy. It also appears to be something we may find worthwhile. We expect that our minimum will count for little here, however: this is the sort of movie we will most likely see or skip on the advice of friends.

June 19: Year One
Estimated Tomatometer: 65%
Minimum Tomatometer: 85%
Comedy has become something of a lost art form. But there is a great deal here to interest us: it is directed by Harold Ramis (iD&Di: .39), starring Jack Black (iD&Di: .66), and seems like an Old Testament version of Monty Python's Life of Brian.

June 24: Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen
Estimated Tomatometer: 50%
Minimum Tomatometer: 35%
We offer no apology for our love of the first film: those who lack an appreciation of giant robots will find little agreement here in The Middle Room. We expect this to be a bad movie - at least by conventional standards - and, in a way, look forward to that. Only if the reviews and word of mouth are abysmal would we consider skipping this picture. Even then, we will give the matter thought.

Last year it took three parts to conclude this list: this time we'll be lucky to escape after four. Next time, we shall contemplate the month of July and the films which inhabit it.

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