Monday, March 31, 2008

A Soundtrack to our Lives, Part 2

Yesterday we began our look at some of the great geek musicians, and we got off to a fast start. But now the time has come to slow things down, and there is no one more capable than the enigmatic Jonathan Coulton, whose haunting melodies will surely move you to tears.

There are many songs we can speak of, many you should listen to, but I would start with "I Crush Everything," perhaps the most subtle and truthful ballad of unrequited love in contemporary music.

Afterward, you could do worst that to listen to "Re: Your Brains," a song about working through differences and coming together. There are lessons here we all need to pay attention to, especially in an election year.

Finally, be sure to listen to his rendition of the classic "Baby Got Back." If Coulton's interpretation of Sir Mixalot's famous love song does not touch you deeply, there may be nothing there to touch.

When we feel overwhelmed here in the middle room, it's nice to know there are musicians such as Jonathan Coulton to remind us who we are.

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