Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The Waveform

Can a movie exist in two dramatically contradicting states at once? Of course. Until a film is seen by human eyes, it must exist in multiple states. It cannot be "excellent" or "crap," not until it is seen. It is so like the die being rolled: not until it stops can it be compared to the attacker's THAC0.

Yes, dear reader, in the middle room we still believe in THAC0. Even as the world forgets, we remember.

But that is another topic for another day. I would instead direct your attention here. I recently stumbled across the trailer for this on youtube. It is an animated movie featuring young versions of The Avengers. Teenage Avengers, in fact: perhaps even younger.

At this point, it would be easy to discard the movie with a wave of the hand: surely any movie starring young versions of these heroes deserves not a moment of our time.

And were that all there was, surely we would ignore this as another in Marvel's long line of disappointing animated films. For, while their live action movies have been more than satisfactory, Ultimate Avengers 2 and Iron Man were a blight upon the Earth (I haven't bothered to see Dr. Strange yet, but may eventually).

But these versions of the Avengers are young because their parents, the Avengers we're familiar with, DIED FIGHTING ULTRON. Apparently, only Bruce Banner and Tony Stark have lived to help raise them, preparing them for the day they would take their parents place.

Oh. Well that's kind of cool.

Or, it could be. It could be the next Batman Beyond... or it could be the next Ultimate Avengers 2. I don't think I could even guess which. If I had to make one prediction, however, it would be this: that Next Avengers will not exist in between. For such a picture to exist, it seems likely that it would either have to incredibly good or horrendously bad.

For the time being, it can be said to be both, trapped within an uncollapsed waveform, unobserved and undetermined.

Only when that waveform collapses, when the die stops rolling, can its state truly be determined. Only then with it be either good or bad. For now, its state is truly indeterminate.

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