Wednesday, February 18, 2009


The Wolverine: Origins movie is one that fascinates us. It is something of a wish come true, but, as we learned from watching Coraline, it is often advisable to be careful what you wish for.

The impetus for this discussion comes from the recent release of previews, now available all over the internet. Do you want a link? Very well, you can find it here. Or, should you prefer, it can also be located here. Or, we suspect, most anywhere.

Yes, it is hard to throw a stone anywhere on the internet without hitting a trailer for Wolverine: Origins. That it is difficult to throw a stone at all in a digital landscape is beside the point, and we'll thank you not to bring it up.

What fascinates us is the degree to which the movie seems to be mirroring the history of Wolverine comics. This isn't to say it looks particularly accurate to the storyline: on the contrary, they seem to be taking the usual liberties. No, it is rather another quality altogether the movie has remained true to, and that is the absurdly inconsistent calibre of the storytelling.

We do not condemn the makers of this movie for including elements from Origin, perhaps the most anticlimactic story ever told in comic form. Rather, we celebrate their willingness to include not merely the good elements of Wolverine's character, but the bad ones, as well. It looks to be a patchwork of Logan's uneven history, and this intrigues us.

Those who have spent time in The Middle Room are no doubt aware of our affinity for movies that walk the thin line between brilliance and stupidity. It is a difficult path to tread and those that do so, such as The Chronicles of Riddick, earn our undying affection.

We'd of course have preferred a great film celebrating the elements of Wolverine that were crafted with thought, focusing on Weapon X and perhaps rewriting the absurd origin that was added seven years ago.

But it is our contention that a Wolverine movie - ANY Wolverine movie - is better than none. And, at the very least, they seem to have included the Weapon X storyline. Will this be a good movie? Who cares? The twelve year old in us all is already excited.

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