Saturday, February 14, 2009

Toy Review: Abe Sapien

Lovecraftian horrors, we admit, have something of a bad reputation, but we in The Middle Room tend to keep an open mind.

Later today, we will share some reflections about a work of fiction which delves into the darker regions of forbidden knowledge, and while madness indeed dwells therein, one also finds a great deal of entertainment.

But that, as we said, is later.

For now, we would like to highlight the third figure in what's become something of a trinity: Hellboy, Liz Sherman, and, at last, Abe Sapien. He bares more than a passing resemblance, we must confess, to the Old Ones, the dwellers below who bow to a forgotten god who dreams even in death, and will one day waken and rise, hungry, to set upon the world and return it to his followers.

But we seem to have lost ourselves in a digression.

Abe, unlike the majority of amphibious humanoids who appear in print and film, is a gentle soul. He enjoys a good book - or four good books would be even better - as well as long walks on (and beneath) the beach.

Abe Sapien reminds us that one should not judge a book by cover, regardless of whether than cover is made of flesh or scales or a partially translucent membrane. It is our sincere hope that the next time a subterranean eldritch monstrosity crawls forth from the depths before your very eyes, you will take the time to verify that it has indeed come to devour your flesh BEFORE you flee screaming in terror.

It could simply be a lost soul looking for a friend.

With this in mind, we refer you to The Clearance Bin, where you'll find a review of an articulated plastic representation of Abe Sapien. We have heard others call such a thing, "an action figure."

We leave such semantics in your capable hands.

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