Friday, February 27, 2009

Toy Review: Skeleflex Stegosaurus

At one time, we are told, dinosaurs ruled the Earth. Often we have wondered what form of governance they ruled through. The Tyrannosaurus Rex, we suspect, occupied a puppet government at best: the true power was most likely wielded by military leaders. We've often suspected the pterosaurs.

No matter, the vast majority of dinosaurs are gone now, save a few on tropical islands here and there, and whether they were killed by a meteor, abducted by space aliens, or simply sunk into the depths of a thousand tar pits, there is little hope for their return.

But, to commemorate the 65,498,322nd anniversary of their fall, a review has been posted in The Clearance Bin celebrating a plastic representation of the bones they left behind. Truly, dinosaur skeletons are the original action figures.

Why, they're even made of fossil fuels.

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